Scent Tek is proud to release its new book:

How to Prevent the Attack of Bed Bugs!

Inside you will find this book offers no-nonsense, easy-to-implement strategies to keep you and your family sleeping peacefully. Just  because bed bugs are back doesn't mean you have to invite them home.

How to Prevent the Attack of Bed Bugs! Making You and Your Family Safe from Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Sole Source of Food is Human Blood

If you have a bedbug in your home, it will find you. It may take a while, but the bug will find you. Think of yourself as a campfire in the woods. You are stationary and giving off heat and CO2. Now, when are you most like a campfire? Yep, when you are sleeping, making it easy for the bedbug to find you. When the bedbug is within about twelve feet of you, it senses your breathing vibrations. The bug thinks, “I sense a meal source, so I am going to make my way in that direction.” Once the bug is within about three feet of you, it senses your CO2 and body heat. The bug says, “Bingo! Found it!”


Bed Bugs are Great Hitchhikers

Unlike most pests, bed bugs don’t fly in, they don’t crawl in, and they don’t come in on other mammals (rats, birds, etc.). Humans carry the bugs in on luggage, backpacks, purses, computers and computer bags, used furniture, books, and clothes. An important reminder when reading this gem of a book: the term “luggage” includes anything you carry out of your home and bring back home. Take the necessary steps to protect your home and family with our guide...


A Battle of the Species

The life expectancy of a bed bug is approximately eighteen months. When they have a steady meal source, they feed on average every three to five days and can live up to four to six months without a meal. Once a female is inseminated she can lay up to three hundred eggs for the remainder of her life. Eggs can hatch in ten to fourteen days depending on temperature. Bed bugs are mating, blood-sucking, biting machines. It is a battle to death...

Scent Tek: The Authors & Experts

Scent Tek is an independent bed bug inspection company that uses dogs and their natural ability to detect specific scents to inspect your property and find bed bugs. We have been serving Northern California since 2009 and performed over 8,000 bed bug inspections for our many now bed bug free customers--and our accolades tell it all. We have over 80 5-Star reviews at Yelp, have an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau, and won the Super Service Award from Angie's List.

Our biggest asset after our customers is our dogs. The Sherlock Hounds. Our dogs are rescues that each handler adopts as a pet and provides a safe and healthy home. They are specially and rigorously trained to become a Sherlock Hound. They are certified twice per year and train daily to be on the top of their game. Each Sherlock Hound and handler is specially matched and an unbeatable team.


Scent Tek - Independent bed bug detection in the San Francisco Bay Area

Kevin Youngblood

Kevin Youngblood of Scent Tek

One of the Scent Tek founders, Kevin grew up in the Bay Area and has lived here all his life. He loves dogs, San Francisco and winemaking. Before founding Scent Tek, he was a business owner, general manager and services consultant. While working in the pest control industry, he was introduced to bed bugs. It was the customer reaction to bed bugs that inspired the need for Scent Tek.

Brent Youngblood

Brent Youngblood of Scent Tek

Brent, like his brother Kevin, is a Scent Tek founder. Before starting Scent Tek with Kevin, Brent was a business owner and a financial consultant to many Silicon Valley start-ups. He lives in Millbrae with his wife Erin, their two daughters, and four dogs. Larry, Moe, Curly, and Blue. He enjoys golf, fly-fishing, backpacking, and landscaping.


Rhys - Bed bug dog and canine inspector for Scent Tek

This eager and fun loving guy is the son of a Dachsund and a Kelpie. He was abandoned in Los Angeles and in poor health before being adopted by Scent Tek. He attended Falco K9 Academy and was honored by being inducted into the Bed Bug Dog Association as well as being a certified Sherlock Hound. He is very intelligent and eager to find bed bugs.


Curly - Brent Youngblood's b

This hard working young lady is the daughter of an Australian Shepherd and a Cattle Dog. She was found in an alley being kicked around by some young boys then rescued and rehabilitated by the Youngblood's of Millbrae. She applied and was accepted to the Florida Canine Academy and is in the graduating class of 2009. Upon graduation she was recruited by the Sherlock Hounds of Scent Tek.


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Out in the Field with Scent Tek

Scent Tek is an independent bed bug inspection company that uses dogs and their natural ability to detect specific scents to inspect your property and find bed bugs. We respond faster, cost less and provide an unbiased assessment for property owners, managers and residential consumers. Our service includes a consultation regarding current pest control methods for the elimination of bed bugs.

The book is getting a great reception

I am very pleased and humbled by the reception the book is receiving. Every day we go out and inspect for bed bugs with our trusty dogs and we always bring copies of "How to Prevent the Attack of Bed Bugs!". Three out of four people buy a copy after they review the book while we do our inspection. It is a good feeling to know that our book is helping people prevent ever getting bed bugs.   Thank you all for your support Brent

My motel room was bed bug free

Traveled to Mt Shasta for a ski touring weekend. Used the tips in the book how to inspect for bed bugs. Both beds were clear. No bites! Did not bring any bed bugs home. It works!

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How to Prevent the ATTACK of Bed Bugs! available on Kindle

More Great News!   How to Prevent the ATTACK of Bed Bugs! will be available on Kindle May 8, 2015. Set your calendar

How to Prevent the ATTACK of Bed Bugs! is here!

Great News! "How to Prevent the Attack of Bed Bugs!" is now available on On Amazon, just type the full title in the search box and like magic there is the book. We would like to know your thoughts, so if appropriate please review on amazon. May you remain bed bug free